About Us

aerialRaglan Area School is situated on a peninsular between the Opotoru Channel and Kaitoki Channels on the southern side of Whaingaroa. Our mountain, Karioi, stands on our south western horizon. We are an Area School (Composite School) and provide for over 460 students aged 5 years to 19 years. We serve a community that extends from the northern shores of Aotea Harbour in the south, to Waingaro in the North, and from our glorious West Coast across to the Karangamahanga Range in the east.

Raglan Area School is a small yet ‘big hearted’ rural school that ‘celebrates education in a bicultural environment’ sustained by our strong values including, Poutama, Whakawhanaungatanga, Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga. We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion, we model restorative practices and work hard to establish secure and enriching relationships between students, staff, whanau and community. We are uniquely positioned to provide access to Te Reo Maori and Tikanga within the whole school including four total immersion classes in our Rūmaki unit, ‘Te Rōpū Aroha Ki Te Reo.’

Our Background

For many centuries Maori living in Whaingaroa included education as a major part of their culture and similarly on their arrival, the first European settlers valued schooling.

The European community formalised the education system resulting in the first school being established here in 1866.  The school was elevated to District High status in 1938. Raglan District High occupied two sites until 1963 when it was amalgamated on our current site.  In 1976 the school was re-designated as an Area School, a rural school teaching Years 1 – 13.

Our Vision

The school values the contribution of each student and aims to assist each student reach his or her academic potential in a bicultural environment.

The strength and unique character of Raglan Area School, Te Kura a Rohe O Whaingaroa, results from the working partnerships between school, parents and local and Maori communities of Whaingaroa.  As partners we all share a common interest – excellence in education that is suited to student needs and carried out in a safe environment.  We affirm the Treaty of Waitangi and strive to reflect a bicultural perspective in consultation with our local whanau and families.

Our Strategic Goals

  1. To provide quality learning opportunities for all students that are enjoyable, relevant and challenging, and which will prepare them for life;
  2. To ensure that the Board of Trustees clearly articulates the school vision, reviews its own performance and continues to develop a strong partnership between school and home;
  3. To staff our school with adults who will make a positive difference to the lives of our pupils as they strive to achieve best practice;
  4. To ensure that there are good resources, that are continually upgraded, that facilitate and support the work of the school, that celebrate our physical environment and meet our pupils’ future needs;
  5. To provide a safe and caring environment for students and staff;
  6. To ensure that administrative systems and processes support and enhance the achievement of the school vision.