Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of some of our most frequently asked questions

Can International Students enrol at Raglan Area School?

International students whose parents have work visas will have gained permission from Immigration to attend NZ schools and can enrol. Students from overseas who are with traveling parents or staying with NZ whanau may only attend schools with an International Permit and must pay fees. We do not have an International License.

How do students enrol in the Surf Academy?

Students must be in Years 11-13 and have both a good academic record and a passion for surfing that will sustain them through the winter months as well as the summer. See our Raglan Surf Academy page.

At what age is enrolment in school compulsory?

The law requires that all students from their 6th birthday until their 16th birthday are enrolled in and attending an approved school full time. In New Zealand most students enrol after their fifth birthday though parents are more aware of the law and do now consider their child’s readiness for school.

Are our 5 years olds safe from the older students?

Definitely they are, just as they are safe from older teenage siblings and cousins. Seniors take little interest in the very young students however they will attend to, and care for, youngsters when they see them in need. Seniors do not move into the junior areas unless they are there to attend to a younger sibling for instance to take them home after school.

Are there designated areas for play for age groups?

Yes there are and the over-arching policy that more senior students stay out of more junior play areas.

Are duty staff always available?

There are staff with duty responsibilities in all areas and in the Years 1-7 area this is includes six staff and often other support staff.

Does Raglan Area School have Sports teams/clubs?

Yes. Our students participate in community teams for rugby, netball, soccer, and school teams in basketball, rugby, touch, bowls and many other sports including of course surfing. What ensures that team are available is student numbers and interest and whanau support for teams. Other sports are available as extra curricular activities including some run by the community in the school. Visit our Junior School Clubs & Sports page.

Are School facilities and equipment available for hireage?

Yes facilities such as our School Pool and Hall are available for hire outside of school time. Applications to use the facilities are to be made to the Board of Trustees who meet monthly. There are fees payable for hireage.

School equipment, chairs, tents and vans etcetera are not available for hireage.

Contact us if you would like to enquire about making a booking.

Are there any afterschool child care programmes?

No the school is not currently running an afterschool child care programme.

Does Raglan Area School have a uniform?

At present there is not a uniform however there is a dress code for students. Teams have uniforms and there is a PE uniform to change into for Physical Education, Seniors who represent the school do have a uniform for formal occasions. For information see our Student Dress Code.

What Health services are available at the school?

Currently we have 3 part time counsellors, a part-time school nurse, a social worker, and we are regularly visited by a Public Health Nurse and by dental therapists that attend to students from ages 5-18. See our Health and Counselling Staff Contacts for more info.

Is there a tuck shop or canteen at the school?

Yes there is and it is open Mondays and Tuesdays, then Thursdays and Fridays providing a range of foods. The school does promote healthy choices and also accepts that most families ensure that children are being provided healthy foods from home. We do sometimes sell food that might by some be considered less healthy and do so on the basis that these are exception and are a choice not a staple. For more information see our Super Kai Canteen page.

Does the school charge fees and donations?

No we do not charge, however we do request donations and suggest what this might be. We do very much hope that families will make donations and we do accept other forms of koha in support of the school. See our School Donations page for more information.

Does the school sell stationery?

We do carry spare stock to fill the gaps however most parents choose to buy there stationery through Office Max. This can be done online or through the school office. See our Stationery page for more information.

Do students have to attend full time?

Some senior students would like to attend part-time to complete studies and to also have a part-time job. This is not currently lawfully possible and if enrolled they must attend full-time. The exception is for adult students enrolled in courses at school and in this instance they must have been out of school for more than two years prior to being classified as an adult student.

Where are parents expected to park when attending school?

Car parking around the school is at a premium and the end of Norrie Avenue is very challenging in peak traffic times just before and just after school. There is parking at the rear of the school and on Norrie Ave, sometimes it is easier to meet students 10 minutes after the bell as much of the traffic has moved away. We do ask that whanau don’t park on the grass island as it creates a risk for cars on the roundabout.

What is expected of me when driving other students to events?

All parents who support us with transport must comply firstly with the law, for instance cars must be registered warranted and safe. Seat belts must be worn, car seats must be available for young children and vehicles must carry only the numbers that can be legally seated. The School also requires evidence that the driver has a current full drivers licence and we keep a photocopy of this for our evidential files.

Can we volunteer services to the school?

The answer is yes and we appreciate your asking. There are some conditions and most particularly if you are to be working with or close to students then we are required to complete a Police Vetting process before work can commence. There are however a myriad of ways that you might support up voluntarily including working in the library, in the gardens, creating resources, tutoring students after school, to name but a few. See our Get Involved page for more information.

May students bring vehicles to school?
Provided students have permission from the Deputy Principals to bring vehicles to school and they park them at the rear car park they may. The DPs will expect to sight and record the details of drivers licenses and registration plates. Students driving to and from school may not have passengers unless they are siblings or have the written permission from parents confirmed by the DPs. All vehicles must comply with the law with regard to WOFs etcetera and must be driven in such manner as to bring no disrepute to the school.
What is the school's position on allowing onsite vaccinations?