RAS Board of Trustees Policies

Appointment Policy

Asset Protection Policy

Board Admin Compliance Legislation

Board Complaint CheckList

Board Induction Policy

Board Meeting Agenda Policy

Board Meeting Check List Policy

Board Meeting Protocols

Board Review Terms of Reference

Board Roles and Responsibilities Policy

Bullying Prevention And Response Policy

Chair’s Role Description Policy

Child Protection Policy

Committee Policy

Complaints Policy  (concerns procedure flowchart, complaints procedure flowchart)

Concerns and Complaints

Conflict of Interest Policy

Consultation with Maori Policy

Curriculum Policy

Disciplinary Process in Relation to Principal Policy

EOTC Safety Management Plan

Employee Complaints Policy

Environmental Policy

Finance Committee Terms of Reference

Financial Condition Policy

Financial Planning Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Maori Achievement Policy

Managing Challenging Behaviour and Physical Restraint

Meeting Procedure Policy

Meeting Process Policy

Personnel Policy

Protection and Sharing of Intellectual Property

Principals Performance Management Policy

Principal Reporting to the Board Policy

Principal Professional Expenses Policy

Public Attending Board Meetings Policy

Relationship between Chair and Principal Policy

Responsibilities of the Principal Policy

Review Committee – Terms of Reference

Staff-Student Trustee Role Description Policy

Student Behaviour Management Policy

Student Disciplinary Committee – Terms of Reference

Student Dress Code Policy

Sun Smart Policy

Travel Policy

Treaty of Waitangi Policy

Trustee Remuneration and Expenses Policy

Trustees Code of Behaviour Policy

Trustee Induction Process