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NCEA is a standard based assessment system where the students demonstrate learning through completing assignments or tests. Once a student has completed a standard they will be awarded 1 of 4 possible grades: Not Achieved, Achieved, achieved with Merit or Achieved with Excellence. Any one of the last three mean they pass the standard and are awarded the credits attached.

The subject teacher’s mark internal assessed standards and externally assessed standards are assessed by outside markers in exams.

To pass NCEA Level 1 your child will require the following:

  • 80 credits or more (accumulated from any subject) which includes; 10 Numeracy credits and 10 Literacy credits.

The 80 credits can be from Achievement standards or Unit standards, they all count towards the total. Literacy and numeracy credits can be gained from a range of subjects.

All 4 period subjects will normally offer between 16-24 credits each, made up of internally assessed standards and externally assessed standards. Their teachers gave information, specific to each subject, to the students at the start of the year.

A Certificate Endorsement

Requires 50 or more credits (accrued from any subject) at Merit or Excellence Level.

50 credits at Excellence, will give you a NCEA Level 1 Excellence endorsement.

50 credits at Merit and above, will give you a NCEA Level 1 Merit endorsement.

[Endorsements are beneficial if a student wishes to pursue a specialist course at a tertiary level]

An Individual Subject Endorsement

Requires 14 or more credits at Merit or 14 or more credits at excellence level from that one subject (3 credits minimum must be gained from externally assessed standards and 3 credits from internally assessed standards). This will be a NCEA Subject endorsement at Merit or Excellence Level.

How can I keep track?

Three times a year we send a “Credits Update” sheet. This outlines how many credits students have. Parents can also track using the parent portal. You can contact the school office for parent passwords. Each student will also have access to the NZQA website to access results and printouts. It is highly recommended that parents know how to do this too.

Career planning and subject selection

Every year students make decisions about subjects that are not based on sound evidence or planning. Parents are encouraged to be active in their childs choices. It is recommended that subject selection for next year is completed with two years in mind, even if the student wants to leave school. That way all options will be open and a better subject choice is often made.

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