This is your opportunity to give us your feedback on the direction of our school. Please follow this link to the Survey: RAS BOT Charter 2018 Online Survey.

This survey is open to the entire Raglan Area community to provide feedback and input into the 2018 RAS Charter. A charter is a key planning document that sets out a school’s objectives and targets. It guides teaching and learning programmes, and the activities of the school.

We recognise that parent/whanau involvement and student wellbeing play such an important role in a students learning therefore this will serve as a basis for the questions that we ask.

If you wish to read more about mandatory school charters the following link is a great place to start:

Please complete as much or as little of the survey as you would like, most of the questions are optional. You are also free to complete the survey anonymously or to provide your name and contact details.

This electronic survey will be available online until the end of November. If you are completing the paper version of this survey, please return the completed survey to the school office, or scan and email to the BoT email address below by the end of November.

If you have any further questions please contact the board via email:

Please follow this link to the Survey: RAS BOT Charter 2018 Online Survey.