Xtreme Waste Education

Today Mr X is coming to our classroom. He is going to teach us about the four Rs. I like going in the middle of the circle and putting the rubbish in the right place. We know how to look after the environment.

by Koby Copson


Recycling is fun because you get to throw rubbish in the bin so it can be X-rubbish. You can recycle milk bottles and glass bottles. I think rubbish is stinky.

By George Bull D1

Mr X teaches us about recycling. Throwing rubbish is a bad idea.

By Matthew Fyalka



Today it is yellow day. We will get a face paint. I put two jars in the Food Bank. The Food Bank is for sharing. Other people’s family might want it if other people’s family don’t have any food. We need to be kind. I want the world to be kind.

By Amarda-Aroha Rolton