From more than 80 entries, a new name and logo has been chosen for RAS lunchbox. Talaia Cowley has won a $50 credit for her design of a super hero style logo with the name “Super Kai”. It was a difficult decision to make with entries showing some great concepts, illustrations, humour and design skills.

There will be an additional eight runner up prizes that will be notified next week.

It has been a busy and fun first few weeks for Super Kai (formally known as RAS lunchbox). The RAS students, teachers and parents have all been so supportive as we’ve navigated through the bumps and turns as we try and figure out how this is going to work out best for everyone. I have really appreciated all the feedback, which I’ve been using for future planning.

The logo competition is one of the first ways to involve the RAS students and to make Super Kai a canteen that is special and unique to our local school.

Some of the first areas that this involvement will be happening is with the design of the menu for term 1, improving our food and packaging waste systems and trading with horticulture students for some of our fresh produce. There is a lot to do! Time to start turning these superpowers into actions.