A school’s Charter is a legal requirement and binding agreement between a School’s Board of Trustees, the School’s community and the Ministry of Education. The Charter:

  • Sets out the board’s strategic leadership expectations for the next 3-5 years
  • Reflects what the board is doing to make a difference for student progress and achievement, and;
  • Describes how the board is giving effect to the National Education Guidelines.

We (the Raglan Area School Board of Trustees) are currently planning our 2018 School Charter, and in it, we must consider the needs of students from Year 0 right through to Year 13, as well as the needs of students in our Rumaki Unit.

The Charter must also reflect the community’s goals and aspirations for the school. This process is your (parents, staff, community, mana whenua, students) opportunity to have your say and contribute your ideas.

Please join us at our public session on Saturday 4 November between 10am and 12noon at the Raglan Town Hall. This will be an informal session where you can drop in anytime between these two hours, have a chat, a cup of tea, and give us your input. This is just the start of this consultation process, there will be other opportunities for you to add your input.

We recognise that parent/whanau involvement and student wellbeing play such an important role in a students learning therefore this will serve as a basis for the questions that we ask. We’re seeking answers to questions such as:

  • What is one main change that would make a difference to student learning, and wellbeing at RAS?
  • What are strengths in our community that can be reflected in our school?
  • How can RAS better support parents/whanau to be involved in their student’s education and wellbeing?
  • A Future Vision for RAS. Write down one or two words to describe how you see RAS in the future?
  • What is an aspiration you have for your son or daughter as a student at RAS?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of the learning and assessment processes (If not, please state the level(s) that apply to you, i.e. National Standards, NCEA)?
  • What does RAS do well?
  • What is one main thing that you think RAS might do differently or better?
  • In the next 3-5 years, what would you like RAS to focus on?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to suggest?

At this session, we’ll also provide you with some more information about the Charter process, and share some of our recent school successes. We know that the ERO report is of interest to many in our community so we ‘ll provide some further information on it as well as the actions we’re undertaking to meet the recommendations outlined by the ERO.

Please join us on Saturday 4 November at the Raglan Town Hall. Feel free to drop in anytime between 10am-12noon. If you’d like, bring a packet of biscuits or some baking to share along with a cup of tea that we’ll provide. “Whanau that eat together stay together.”

If you can’t make the session but would still like to contribute then we’ll also be providing these questions in an online survey and paper based survey. If you would like this option or have any questions at all, please email: boardoftrustees@raglanarea.school.nz.

Nga mihi,

Mel Brydon, Board of Trustees Chair