Lynette“Kaiwhenua Organics – A Guide for Organic Growing” – by locals Lynette and Kaiwaka Riki, and Tracey Newport is one of our beautifully presented and informative new purchases.

The layout, appealing photographs and diagrams suit beginner gardeners; Part One  is Planning! However the richness of local tips will satisfy even the most knowledgeable horticulturist.

“Kaiwhenua: from whenua to the whānau” oozes authenticity and aroha. The introduction expresses this clearly: “Kaiwhenua kaupapa is based on traditional wisdom passed down from the tupuna – tikanga Māori mo te mara – the right way to do things. Organic principles and methods borrowed from permaculture  and bio-intensive ecological  growing systems have been adapted to Kaiwhenua’s growing environment”


“Kaiwhenua Organics” is on display at the front desk – reserve it online, when you log on to “My Library” with your student enrolment number.

If you’d like to buy your own copy for daily reference contact Lyn Lovini-Riki Ph 07 8250250 (daytime) or 07 8258536 (evenings).

Guess whose hands these are?

What do your hands look like?

What do Matua Glenn’s hands look like?


You’ll find all our gardening books in the 630’s and how to cook good food in the 640’s in both Junior-Non-fiction and Non-fiction areas.

And remember that there are some fabulous fiction books based around gardens too.

The Secret GardenOne of my all-time favourite children’s books is “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which is now available as an e-book that you can even Download for free via Project Gutenberg. This is an inspiring story of resilience and friendship, when the curiosity of a young girl in hard-hearted and lonely circumstances, heals the relationships around her. You wouldn’t believe it was written over a hundred years ago! I recommend parents find an excuse to read it aloud to the children aged 6 or over, because you’ll be swept up in it’s goodness too.

Happy gardening or day-dreaming with a good book in a nice garden!