Stationery 2020

This year, for the majority of students, a stationery fee will be invoiced to your school account rather than individual purchase. We have done this to ensure that all students have the required stationery on day one and throughout the year. We have kept this cost to a minimum and believe this will be more resourceful with less wastage.

Te Roopuu Aroha ki te Reo (stationery will be charged)

Year 0 – 6  (stationery will be charged)

Year 7 – 8  (stationery will be charged)

Years 9 – 10 (stationery will be charged)

Years 11-13  (stationery lists for each subject will be issued to students)



Year 11

To be issued to students during first week of school 2020

Years 12 and 13

To be issued to students during the first week of 2020