Blue Light encourages safe and healthy socialisation for young people with all Blue Light events being alcohol, drug and violence free; in todays society who else can guarantee this and that is why parents and the community totally trust and support Blue Light activities for their children.

When: Friday the 19th June

Where: Raglan Area School

 Entry $2

Year 0-3 Disco                       3:30-4:30pm

Year 4-7 Disco                        5:00-6:30pm

Year 8-10 Disco                     7:00-8:30pm


Please remember all students Yrs 0-8 must have a parent or caregiver collect their child from the disco.


Permission slip to attend the fundraising disco on the 19th of July.



I ________________________ (parent) give my son/daughter__________________


Emergency Contact number:__________________________


Any medical conditions:_____________________________