Meeting held on: Monday 7 December 2020 6.30pm – Raglan Area School Staff Room Meeting

The Ministry of Education has identified that Raglan Area School is likely to be overcrowded and has given the Board of Trustees notice of this. The Secretary for Education has developed a proposed enrolment scheme for Raglan Area School under section 11IA of the Education Act 1989.

As part of this process we are consulting with people living in the area for which the school is a reasonably convenient school. We have already sent out information letters to the Principals and Board of Trustees of all schools and early childhood centres who are likely to be affected by this proposal.

The enrolment scheme could affect which school a student will be entitled to enrol in, or school transport entitlements as appropriate.

We will be holding a consultation meeting on Monday 7 December 2020 at 6.30pm in the school staff room at Raglan Area School to provide further information and gather feedback from the community.

If you have any comments about the proposed enrolment scheme for Raglan Area School that you would like to be included in the final report about this proposal, please forward them to by Monday 25 January 2021.

Please note that this map is the proposed Raglan Area School Enrolment Scheme Zone Area. EZ stands for Enrolment Zone and TEZ stands for Transport Entitlement Zone (school buses)