Raglan Area Whole School Open Day – Monday 29th June

We would like to extend an invitation to any prospective students and caregivers, members of the community to come and see our school in action.

Our Open Day is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about our academic and co-curricular programmes, and celebrate our students’ learning successes.


Programme of the Day

1pm – 1:20pm          Welcome in the staff room   (Over arching view of our school)

1:20pm – 2pm         Mix and Mingle session in the staffroom  (Opportunity for informal discussions)

Some extra curricular activities will be happening during the lunch break.

2pm – 3pm            A guided tour through our school and classes (Opportunity to see our classes in action)

If you are unable to attend Open Day, but would like to enrol your son or daughter for the 2016 academic year, please contact RAS reception

(07 825 8140) in the first instance, to request an application pack.



Thinking about what Raglan Area School offers our students? Our Open Day is an easy way of getting an insight into a typical day in the life of a Raglan Area School student.

For all the NCEA results, glossy brochures and ERO reports available to parents when choosing a school for their children, one thing teachers, parents and experts all agree on is that you can’t beat an old-fashioned stroll around the schoolyard.

You can read a lot about a place, but from doing lots of work with schools over the years, the only way to capture the culture of the place is to visit. So please come down and be part of our afternoon and encourage as many people as possible to come along with you.

Ten tips for getting the most from an open day

  1. Take your child with you – you need a child’s eye view as well as your own, and they’ll notice things you miss.
  2. Think about whether you find the open day chaotic, friendly, efficient or improvised? The organisation of the day’s events can give many clues to the general running of a school.
  3. Pay attention to the students themselves – do they seem happy and motivated? Do they speak positively about their teachers and school-life? Pupils are the best ambassadors for any school.
  4. Don’t make decisions based on individual teachers – they may have left by the time your child starts school.
  5. Don’t get too bogged down in the details – try to get a ‘feel’ for the school atmosphere. Write down your first impressions.
  6. Feel free to ask questions if you want to, particularly of pupils – what do they think of the teaching – do they enjoy life at the school?
  7. Look at the work on display. Does it represent a broad range of ability? A school should value every child.
  8. Does the school offer extra-curricular activities – such as sports and clubs – so your child can develop their interests? This also shows that the teachers are motivated and enthusiastic.