27 August 2021

Kia ora koutou e te whānau

RE: RAS Update COVID-!9 Vaccinations 12-15  year olds

The Raglan Area School Board of Trustees met last night – Thursday 26 August. We wish to confirm to our whānau that Raglan Area School is NOT currently acting as a vaccination site.  We will inform whānau, If we are approached, and agree to act as a vaccination site in the future.

We wish to confirm that WE WILL NOT ADMINISTER VACCINATIONS TO ANY STUDENT on our school site without written permission from parents or caregivers. This is clearly expressed in the Board’s Vaccination update that was shared earlier this month and which is re-shared below.

RAS Board of Trustees Vaccination Update – August 2021

The RAS Board of Trustees (BoT) is aware of and has had further discussions around the concerns raised within the community about the School being used as the site for vaccinations of students particularly in light of the possible rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine to students. 

The BoT supports the continuation of a vaccination service on-site. Provision of vaccinations on-site ensures access to health services for all students; an important principle for the health of children, and one that we promote in a wide range of services for their continuing good health.

Key objectives for the Board of Trustees

  1. To ensure the equitable delivery of an ongoing safe and effective vaccination programme to all eligible students. The BoT does not take upon itself to imply support for or against vaccinating; however, it does continue to support the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health guidelines in providing equitable access to health services.
  2. To have a clear focus on achieving equity in order to enable Māori, Pacific and other vulnerable whānau to have equal opportunity to benefit from provided programmes as other New Zealanders do.
  3. To ensure that parents/caregivers have the absolute right of choice whether or not to have their child/children vaccinated. School staff (teachers and support staff) will not express their personal opinions to students, parents, caregivers or whānau. 


  1. The BoT is clear in its support of parents/caregivers’ choice in the matter of vaccinations.
  2. The BoT acknowledges that parents and caregivers need to have access to a wide range of resources to inform choice. 
  3. Students must be given written approval by parents/caregivers to be vaccinated on-site. These students will then be able to attend vaccination information sessions which will be provided at school.
  4. Any materials related to the onsite vaccination process will be sent directly to the parents and caregivers of students who have been given written approval for vaccination via email or via post to those without an email address.
  5. If a group wishes to host information sessions for parents/caregivers regarding non-vaccination, the school will offer the space to hold these.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries or concerns about this message.


Ngā mihi

Louisa Barham (Principal  / Tumuaki)

Lisa Thomson (Chairperson – Raglan Area School Board of Trustees)