Kia ora Parents/Caregivers

I met with all of the students and teachers yesterday morning to share with them our expectations for the Ball in response to COVID-19 Alert Level 2. We talked about the options that were available to us to either keep, postpone or cancel the ball. After talking with student leaders, teachers, venue staff and our Board Chairperson, we have made a considered decision to keep the existing ball date of this Friday 21 August 2020.

We are now very much looking forward to hosting this event and we will of course be respecting and responding appropriately to the Alert Level 2 Guidelines including:

  • Contact tracing of all adults and students entering the facility
  • Social Distancing
  • Use of sanitiser at entry / exit points
  • Use of soap in all toilet facilities

Some students are requesting time off on 17 Friday 2020 to make it to hair and make up appointments in Hamilton. The whānau teacher will need to give the final sign out approval for students who are requesting to leave at interval, lunchtime or for the whole day. Such approval is at the discretion of the whanau teacher and will be dependent upon students needing to be up to date with the subjects that they hope to be excused from on this day. They need to sign out at the school office.

Our students are being reminded to respect the No Alcohol / No Drugs rule as anyone in breach of this expectation will be asked to leave. This and all other expectations are detailed in the permission form that students have had signed by a parent / caregiver and already returned to school. Entry is confirmed on this permission form being returned to school.

We understand that there may be some pre and / or post ball gatherings. Please note that student attendance at these gatherings is outside of the school’s responsibility. We ask that you all take care, make sensible decisions and respond appropriately to the adult supervisors at these gatherings.

Ngaa mihi mui – Whaea Louisa