The Raglan Area School soccer team is off to a great start with two out of three grading games won.

Our first game against Hamilton Christian School second team ended in a 6-0 loss. For a new team, with many new players, and going up against a second team who would’ve been playing together for a few years, this was a great result.

Our second game ended in a much more satisfying way with a terrific 3-1 victory over Hamilton Boys High School. Riding off the back of a win, we went into our last grading game with high hopes. Our determination and skill overpowered the other team ending in a 2-1 win.

A massive thank you goes out to Matua Liam, Brian and Matua Joseph for all the support and coaching we have received so far. We are looking forward to many more great training sessions and games. Thanks to all the parents who have given up their time to support us also.

Our thoughts go out to Matua Liam, who is currently in England, because of the passing of his Grandfather.

Our team is gelling amazingly and we are growing more and more confident with every practice. Our hopes are high, our skills are great and we are ready to kick off the season.

Nathan Ellis – Team Captain