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Teenaa koutou e te whaanau o te Kura a Rohe o Whaingaroa.

Welcome back! We are looking forward to seeing you!


School is open at 8.15am on Monday 18 May 2020 for all staff and students. We have missed having you around! Our school value of Manaakitanga is just what we need as a pillar to lean on as our staff and students return to school. We will be kind, respectful and empathetic as we reconnect with each other. Teachers and support staff look forward to welcoming students back to school. Our school is clean and tidy and our classrooms are inviting and familiar spaces for you to return to. School leaders will be at our entry points to welcome you and to answer any queries that you might have at that time. See you then.

Our school is a safe space.

Our cleaning staff are onsite during the school day and we will continue to maintain positive hygiene practices. These include:

  • Sanitiser is in all spaces for use at entry and exit points.
  • Soap and hand towels are available in all our sink areas in classrooms and toilet facilities.
  • Hard surfaces will be cleaned in all spaces regularly.
  • Adults and students will maintain an “arms length” distance as we move in and around the school.
  • Students will be reminded to clean their hands regularly and to sneeze into elbows.
  • Our school playgrounds were thoroughly cleaned during Lock Down and are open and ready for use.
  • Contact Tracing is still required and staff will explain our processes as you re enter our school.

Our school is a place of learning.

  • We will extend “kindness” and “patience” towards each other as we transition back into school.
  • We will take time to check in with our students to see how they are feeling about returning to school.
  • We will listen with genuine interest and care as our students share their Lockdown experiences.
  • We will reconnect with our students’ learning progress as individuals and start each student’s learning at school from their current readiness level.
  • We will maintain a balance of onsite and online practices as we seek to transition without adding any unnecessary pressure points.

Food and Drink – own lunch boxes and drink bottles. No water fountains available.

Students need to bring their own lunch food and snacks to school and to take any waste and / or food rubbish home. We advise that this food is to be kept in a sealed lunch box or a paper bag. Our drinking fountains remain closed so students will need to bring their own named drink bottles to school. We will have designated taps that will be used for water refills. These taps are cleaned more frequently throughout the school day.The school canteen is planning to re-open. Specific Details will be sent out to families in a separate message. 

School owned chromebooks need to be returned to the Home room.

We were able to get ALL of our 216 school owned chromebooks out to our students during this Lockdown Period. However – we now have no portable devices onsite for our in school programmes. We ask that you return our school owned chromebooks to school as soon as possible – ideally on the first day back on Monday 18 May. Please ensure that the chromebooks are returned (even if some damage has occurred). We need to match all of our delivery information with the return information. We need to clean and sanitise  and check each device’s operational capacity. We are aiming to be able to distribute these chromebooks back out to classrooms for use on Monday 25 May 2020. Your prompt attention to this will be much appreciated

School buses run as usual. 

These are all up and running as usual from Monday 18 May. Bus drivers will explain the protocols to be used on the buses when the students enter.

Considering keeping your child at home?

Under Alert Level 2, Government Health and Education Guidelines indicate that it is safe for all staff and students to return to school. We do however understand that some of you are considering keeping your children at home. If this is the case, please make contact in writing via email to your classroom teacher so that we can note in our attendance records. Be assured that the homeroom whaanau teacher and, or, a Leader of Learning will be in contact with you to explain how we can support learning to continue in your home. 

Please note however, that teachers may not be in direct contact for this first week back as they will be on site reconnecting with the students who are back at school. Some work content will still be available for you to access on our school website via the Distance Learning Programme portals that your children have been accessing during Alert Levels 3 and 4. 

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV has been extended until 10 June, with the option of a further extension until the end of term 2. From 8 May, MOE will be publishing details of the upcoming week’s lessons on the Learning From Home website. Home Learning TV I Papa Kāinga TV is available online as well as on TV – it can be live streamed through the TVNZ OnDemand website, and lessons are available OnDemand shortly after their original broadcast.

Ki te kotahi te kakaho ka whati, Ki te kapuia e kore e whati

(Alone we can be broken. Standing together, we are invincible – Maori Whakatauiki)

Ngaa mihi nui – Louisa Barham (Tumuaki / Principal)