Hi Students/ Parents

Are you fed up with going through the thousands of hits or results from a Google Search, some of which is junky, irrelevant and peppered with advertising?

Be assured!

There are easier ways to find sound reliable information, when you know how. Learn HOW to find that information gold that the information age has promised.

First, my personal opinion is that the right book is worth a dozen websites, when you are still learning how to learn and making sense of the big wide world.

But if you can’t find the right book, I’d recommend just two super useful web links to support your  curiosity/passion or inquiry learning, if you can’t find that book in Raglan!

How to find the ‘right book’?

Look up your subject in our new hard copy of the 2015 World Book Encylcopedia to check out your key words for searching. (The right words to search on are half the challenge!),

Then you can search our:

  1. Te Rapunga catalogue without even coming in (although you are very welcome!),  by clicking ‘Fast Find’ in the portal  – you don’t need any log on to search it, but you will need to log on if you to reserve it. Your school student enrollment number (on your school donation form) is the log on and you can leave the password blank.
  2.  Raglan District Library catalogue If you are a member there:  “… your pin is the last four digits of your library card membership number.  ”  If you’re not a member, talk to us, because Te Rapunga is a member and we can borrow books from them direct.
  3. Hamilton City Library catalogue – once again find the book that you want and if you’re not a member, we’ll borrow it for you. Did you know you can join the Hamilton City Libraries for free if you are already a member of the Raglan District Library.

We can also the National Library for any specific titles you are after – they usually arrive within about 10 days.

Super useful web links?

I think you just need to remember these two links, which each collect up all the super useful information for you. They will set you up on a great learning journey to find that information gold!

  1.  the School Libraries Service which collects up all the useful information for students, parents, teachers and principals, with curriculum relevant web links for you all in one place!
  2. the EPIC databases such as Britannica School. You can access EPIC through the Te Rapunga portal or by going direct [user name ‘raglanarea’ and password ‘raglanarea2’]

Happy curiosity-learning!