Teenaa koutou e te whanau o te Kura a Rohe o Whaingaroa

With all the winter bugs and illnesses that are currently around, we would like to share some guidelines for you to consider when you are responding to any sickness that your child (ren) may experience. We also ask that your contact details and your chosen alternative carer details are kept updated in our school files. Please ring Karen or Sue in the school office phone 8258140 (07) or email office@raglanarea.school.nz to inform us of any changes that need to be recorded.

Children can find it difficult to focus on school learning and to interact positively with others when they are unwell. It is also easier for the bugs to be shared in school classroom settings where there are large numbers of children in confined spaces. In consideration of other students and staff at Raglan Area School, the following recovery guidelines should be followed before sending a recovering sick child back to school.


Vomiting Until 24 hours after LAST vomit
Diarrhoea Until 24 hours after last runny bowel motion
Conjunctivitis Until eye discharge has ceased
Influenza and Influenza-like illness Until completely well.  No sign of runny nose, coughing, abnormal temperature, headache
Measles For at least four days after onset of rash
Whooping Cough For five days after antibiotic treatment commenced
Mumps For nine days or until swelling has gone
Chicken pox For seven days from the onset of the rash/scabs are dry
School Sores Until sores have dried up or 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has started.
Streptococcal throat Until 24 hour from commencement of treatment
Head Lice Treatment should begin immediately and should be thorough.


Kind Regards

Louisa Barham

Tumuaki / Principal