This term, we are holding a weekly WTE (Write That Essay) sentence competition. Students enter a sentence into the WTE box, and then a winner and two runners up are selected and announced at assembly. Here are the winners from Week 7 and Week 8:
Week 7
Runners up – Linnea and Ellie: ‘Once, in an old oak tree, lived a blood sucker!’ (Preposition start sentence)
Winner – Felix: ‘Fluffy, who was a three headed dog, lived in Hogwarts’ (Explore the subject sentence)
Week 8
Runner up – Matthew: ‘Behind the misty mountain lives the dragon’ (Preposition start sentence)
Runner up – Paulo: ‘One day, there was a tip-toeing in the hallway’ (Preposition start sentence)
Winner – Cove (not pictured): ‘I panicked. In five days, Mr Cow dies.’ (Very short sentence and preposition start sentence)