Thursday 29 October between 6pm-7pm, in the school staff room

Raglan Area School is offering an opportunity for you to meet and discuss your child’s learning for next year.  You are welcome to bring your child/ren to take part in this meeting.

We believe that it is important for all parents to attend these meetings so that we can work together to support your child/rens learning as they progress into the middle area of the school.

This meeting will be an occasion where you can:

  • listen to the programme design in Years 8-10
  • Discuss any matters arising from your child’s learning this year and their needs for next year
  • Discuss ways to be involved in your child/rens learning next year
  • Address any general queries/concerns you may have

After the general meetings there will be an opportunity for you to break out into specific year groups so that the class teacher can specifically discuss their programme.

We all look forward to meeting with you.

Bronwyn Haitana