After focusing on the topic of measurement in recent math lessons, Year 7 and 8 Raglan Area School students pondered how many metres, kilometres and/or steps it would take to walk the length of New Zealand. After discovering that it is about 2000 kilometres, they thought how amazing it would be if they completed such a walk. With encouragement from their teacher Jason Wairepo, they have turned what was just an initial thought and discussion into a fundraising opportunity where they’ll combine their goal of walking the equivalent of the length of New Zealand with the need to raise funds for new sports equipment. They are calling the event Hikoi Aotearoa 2018.

Hikoi Aotearoa will take place on Friday 8 June at the school’s running track from 9am to 3pm. The majority of the distance will be completed by 95 students from the year 7 and 8 classes. Each student will need to complete around 65 laps of the athletic track either walking, running or cycling to reach their target. That’s the equivalent of a half marathon per student. Matua Jason is also hoping that the rest of the school will get involved and help them reach their goal.

How can you help?

Event assistance and sponsorship

This is an ambitious event that will really push the students to their limits and when completed can be considered an enormous accomplishment they can be proud of. In order to help them reach their target, students will need assistance from our community.

Matua Jason is looking for willing people to join the working group to assist with jobs such as; advertising, event management, field setup, marshalling, food/beverages for participants and/or for sale and sponsorship to help with food/beverages. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re interested in helping, the timeframe to get everything organised is very tight so please get in touch as soon as you can to let Jason know of your willingness to be involved.

Sponsorship of a student

Students will be seeking sponsorship from family and friends. If you’d like to sponsor a student then please contact Jason.


For any enquiries please contact Malcolm Cox, Principal, Raglan Area School or you can email Jason Wairepo, Yr 7/8 Teacher at: