“Last week the Years 11 & 12 Senior Social Science class went to the Aotearoa UN Youth Declaration in Auckland.  Each student was given a different roopu to be a part of where they discussed Government policies and submitted their thoughts, ideas and suggestions to be considered by our countries policy makers.
The roopu they were involved in were Maori Relations, Educations, Arts, Culture & Heritage, Science & Technology and International Relations, although there were 9 different roopu all together.
While we were at the conference we also took part in the “School Strike 4 Climate” march up Queen Street – what an adventure!
Our students were all so engaged and got a valuable insight into how we can instigate change by using our collective voice.
They were all the best ambassadors for Raglan Area School we could ever have and made many news friends – especially impressing the organisers.
Watch this space for more exciting news from this group!”